The Slaying Stone - Session 1 & 2 Summary

Quick Summary

The town of Kiris Dahn fell to goblins 8 years ago. Somewhere in its ruins lies one of the magical ‘Slaying Stones’ that used to protect it from invaders. Kiris Alkirk, a surviving member of Kiris Dahn’s ruling family, and Treona, his advisor, ask the party to infiltrate the town and recover or destroy the stone.

They tell the party that the stone is probably either in the Library, the Temples or the Kiris family mansion and they give them a ritual scroll that will help them locate it when they are close by.

The party enter the town via the kobold slum by swimming the river. Inside, while trying to stay hidden from the inhabitants, they find that the kobolds are terrorised by the goblins, but that there is also a group calling themselves ‘The Severed Eyes’ who seem to be searching for something in the town as well. This group seem to blind anyone they interrogate by branding them across one eye.

A couple of difficult fights – particularly one against a kobold who managed to call up an ankheg to fight the party before escaping – have meant that they have already spent one night huddled in an abandoned building to regain their strength.

Eventually they find their way to the first of their targets, the Library. Inside they discover a goblin spellcaster who throws his minions into combat with them while he summons up grey oozes. Eventually defeating him they now have the opportunity to search the Library…



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